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This is the perfect picture to show anyone that’s afraid of recovery because of weight gain. Honestly, look at Demi. 
She gained weight and recovered, so what? 
She’s glowing, she looks feminine, she looks 1000x more confident and she just looks more… alive.
Recovery is worth it. 

She looks alive.

Favorite post on tumblr

She’s glowing for sure and she’s so so beautiful

forget glowing look at dat ass

Another girl being pretty does not make me ugly,

Another girl being smart does not mean I’m not smart.

Another girl being liked does not mean I am unliked.

I am perfect and incredible just the way I am, and any other girl is perfect and incredible just the way she is.

Girl competition needs to stop, and self love needs to start.

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Popsugar are starting a 21 days workout challenge starting Monday 7th July to help debloat and hopefully get that sleeker stomach. “A smart workout calendar along with belly-blasting tips and delicious fat-burning recipe ideas, this three-week plan has something new for you every day.” The calendar above shows the daily activities so you know what you are going to be doing. Bookmark the challenge and don’t forget to check it on Monday and daily after that. 

That’s great!